Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another New Program Takes Foothold at Historic Weimaraner Homestead.

National Cancer Society for Animals CEO Andrea Spencer Speaks with Mark Robinson, CEO of Handicapped Pets Corporation -----------

"I am creating a campaign illustrating Wellness Within the American Family. It will also introduce the family animal positioned within this portrait.
I will gather wellness experts to assist me in promoting top notch nutrition in the home and workplace, and wrap a twist to the enticement, inviting the family pet to the table.
The pet market is currently a 36 billion dollar per year industry. I doubt that Fido will be turned away."


NCSA Director Spencer, on the Cancer Prevention Trail for Animals --------


"As a national media professional and prime player within a worldwide cancer concern for animals, I've been graced with health resource galore."

Boston Book Signing with Martha's Pets, Barnes & Noble, 11/06

"My animal health resourcing done at Tufts University and Angell Memorial Hospital in Boston, along with our referral successes with the Animal Cancer Foundation and Smith Ridge Veterinary Center in New York has led me to health conclusions for animals with cancer. Animal foods are creating disease in our pets."


"The household animal as part of the . . . .

‘whole family’ success team!"

The Weimaraner Canine Diplomatic Troupe prepares for a highly nutritious Thanksgiving dinner. Now all between 8 and 11 years old, the 6 canines are free of cancer, and performing in excellent form. Veterinarians contribute this, in part, to years of high quality foods.



One of our many initiatives has been the "Gourmet Fido" program. Natural foods not only belong on Aunt Emma's and Uncle Morris' table, but in the paws of each animal who wants to live to the ripe old age of 'healthy'!

Wheaton College, CEO Spencer's alma mater, has graciously been donor of surplus fresh vegetables, fruits, breads and meats to aid in this cause.

Each Saturday NCSA hosts animal nutrition time within their charity shop, part of NCSA's ten acre project site at 102 Crane Street in Norton. Nutrition talk is available to visitors and there are demonstrations of meat and leafies preparation and safe eating.

"Thanks to Wheaton, we are developing a high level antioxidant treat that will be for sale in our shop - broccoli sticks, pasted with peanut butter!" says Spencer.

For more information on Wheaton College's surplus food assistance to NCSA and its numerous applications, contact our project site office at 508-622-0415 or email andeee@comcast.net.

To volunteer within any of our upcoming programs, have a look at our blog. GOOGLE --Andrea and the Weimaraners

National Cancer Society for Animals, Inc. is a non-profit corporation serving families whose animals are stricken with cancer.

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