Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I have to thank Martha Stewart for 6 years of inspiration. Much of this 'good thing' carried National Cancer Society for Animals and myself through the last economic year! Thanks Marheeahee!

I'm recalling a memory of me and a young friend of mine holding your Francesca, Sharkey and PawPaw on a rainy, windy day in Boston. You, starving for a sandwich and Jan Bruce your publisher hugging me as if I could replace a sandwich!!! Silly day hugging and kissing Sharkey here!!!

Thanks for creating who you are!!

Andrea and the Weimaraners

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What The Bleep said...

At last, with highspeed internet I can enjoy this wonderful blog of yours! What drama and heroism is in these stories! My hats off to AJ Spencer and her huge hearted family!