Sunday, July 19, 2009


.......TO MARTHA

... ... AND TO YOU !


You really do invest in animals as worthwhile citizens!

An addition to your current strides for our animal community, for the FUTURE, perhaps........

Since you certainly have the edge on how to employ the animal kingdom's good spirits into big business, consider that CANCER is the number one killer of animals. Animal oncologists nationwide can attest to the horrific demise of our beautiful animals via this insidious life cruncher. More than one third of the animals seen at Tufts School of Veterinary Medicine are cancer patients!

A national 501c3 charity tending to this issue has been toppled by the economy. This now bare bones operation, National Cancer Society for Animals, would like to see you incorporate animal survival into your 'take a stand' panorama.

As a national media professional and prime player within a worldwide cancer concern for animals, I've been graced with health resource galore, but I'm no mogul. We need a prayer, and your wing.

A seasoned corporate community managing this resource and notoriety the National Cancer Society for Animals has developed in 10 years would take this 501c3 skyscraper high.

Take on this animal acquisition already standing, but ready to fall. Hit animals with cancer with the powers you have that I do not.

Accent all that you already do for animals! Be the powerhouse directorship of a national animal cancer charity. I am powerless at this time to do what you could do today, as I was powerless when my 'Professor's' head dropped down out of my hands, cancer clapping.

I now know that there is no end to the help needed TO REACH ALL OF THE HANDS OF THE FACES WHOSE ANIMALS ARE BEING BURIED BY CANCER.

How about another acquisition Martha? ..... ..... ..... OR YOU, ..... ... OR YOU....or you !!


Andrea and the Weimaraners


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