Friday, August 14, 2009

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"We've only gotten one person who doesn't think he knows how he can help," I reported to my board at the National Cancer Society for Animals.

I was saddened this week when I approached a gentleman within the pet sales industry who repeatedly has voiced to me a verbally convincing commitment to "do anything for the animals." His sales arena is adaptive equipment for handicapped pets. Since I had received a call about a Weimaraner from Fort Worth Texas who had gone into ambulatory dysfunction due to the onset of brain cancer, I knew we had a match!

I asked him to post our story (post above) to reach out to his viewers.

ANDREA - I know you stated a willingness to do whatever you could for our animal referrals. I'd like to ask you to run this story. We're starting a media campaign with some good sized influentials in our court. Would like you to be part of it by joining us in your commitment to raise funds for animals in need.

We would be extremely grateful for donations from your viewers and Handicapped Pets!

MARK - Looking forward to working with you – I believe there’s a great deal of synergy between our two organizations.

ANDREA - Will you join us in your commitment to raise funds for animals in need by posting this young lady's plea?

ANDREA - Hadn't heard back from you on the young lady's time sensitive plea. Do you feel that there would be conflict of interest for you to post her dilemma now that you also support a 501c3 (wheelchair foundation) within your for-profit? I would think not from my perspective.

I know you've been a proponent of directly helping animals in duress. I hope you can assist us. We're taking current cases national because of the Purina One Initiative and the panel of oncologists we're assembling to discuss the current cancer drug breakthrough. This particular case I direct to you since the pet is losing neurological mobility.

I'd like to get everyone's name out there who shows specific support to our animals with cancer.

Hope to hear good news about posting this young woman's story and plea.

ANDREA - I'm resending my last email. I know your mission words have been to do anything you can to help the animals, and that you look forward to working with me.

I am quite willing. Let's get down to something specific. My Twitter followers are looking forward to your entrance into all that we are doing! Let's go!!

MARK - This is a sweet story, Andrea. I’m not sure I have anything to add – your reach is huge and I believe I would be duplicating your efforts. My aim is to create the system that help thousands – as I am trying to do with my foundation. I really don’t have a place to post this that you haven’t already reached, so I’m not sure what you’re asking me to do.

ANDREA - Mark, people are people. You get hits. That's people. I think I understand what you are saying. I'll report it as such.

MARK - (IN REGARD TO ABOVE CONVERSATION) I was surprised and disappointed at your post that suggested that I was uncaring and selfish. With your vast experience in non-profit management, I felt sure you would understand and courteously respect my reply.

As you know, I have created a method by which a large number of handicapped and special needs animals have benefitted. My system, involving a series of applications, a verification process, and donation method is carefully crafted to help the most number of dogs and avoid the fraud and theft that plagues us all. I have 50 animals currently in line for help and assistance. They have gone through a process to get into that position. They will get the help they need if I can possibly provide it.

What you are inadvertenly asking, Amdrea, is that these animals in need should be edged out of the help I'm trying to provide by putting your case at the head of the line and bypassing a working system?

Misty is getting help from you and your connections. When your friend Mattha Steweart takes notice - Misty will get all the help needed. The animals I am trying to help have no other advocates.

Lets work together toward the upliftment of all. I hope you'll do the courtesy of posting this.



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